Dreheumel vs. ZipChip - Mini-Frisbee Comparison

Dreheumel vs. ZipChip

The comparison

Mini-Frisbee – German or American? We show you the differences.

Small, round, crisp and flies – there is no doubt. But what are the differences from the Dreheumel to the American equivalent ZipChip?
We have listed six characteristics for you:

Made in Germany

From the production of the product, to the packaging, as well as all services, the Dreheumel is produced exclusively in Germany. Just like the ZipChip, the Dreheumel is also recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly.


While the American Mini-Frisbee is only available in neon yellow, our Dreheumel is available in three colour variants. Yellow, orange and pink – all in bright neon colours. So the Dreheumel is easy to find again, if it sometimes lands offside. The bright colours are striking and stand out.


Unlike the American ZipChip, Dreheumel advocates for vulnerable people in Africa, Asia and Latin America. With the support of Opportunity International, we help people build a stable future. The organisation makes it possible to provide financial and professional training to those affected in order to set up companies on their own. Poverty and hunger are thus effectively combated. With each sale we donate 50 cents to Opportunity International.

Short delivery time

Due to the exclusive production in Germany, we can guarantee short delivery times and delivery distances. There are no long trade routes from overseas, as with the ZipChip. For the sake of the environment.

German contact person

If there is anything with your rotary or you have questions about the product, you can simply write to us – in German and English, of course. We respond quickly to inquiries and are happy to provide support.

Pioneer in Germany

We have been in Germany since 2017. This makes us the German pioneers of mini-frisbee and over the years we have been able to grind on our product to make it even better. The ZipChip is floating, unlike the Dreheumel. But through our development processes, we can soon offer you a Dreheumel that can swim. So it is even more fun on holiday, on the beach or pool.


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